Bamboo Combs
Banboo / 9.1cm

Banboo, Crosspiece:Red colored banboo.

Kiso-mura Kyoudokan Collection

TAKETOU-GUSHI is Suki-gushi to which a minute bamboo is united with the string, and the number of teeth is about 35 for every 3cm.
Because it was the shipping goods from China, it is said "Tou-Gushi :Tang Dynasty comb"."take-" means made of the bamboo.

There was a record that a woman of the name "Otoki" was making the taketou-gushi at YABUHARA in around 1851, and were craftsmen who made it specializing in the taketou-gushi after the Meiji era.
Many were the manual works and side jobs by the woman.
Kiso no orokugushi ; The comb in japan.