Combs for men
#3092  Aiba Minesan OTOKO-GUSHI
Boxwood / 13.6cm

#3091  Aiba OTOKO-GUSHI
Boxwood / 12.4cm

#3093  OTOKO-Set-GUSHI
Boxwood // Hosoaiba

#3115  Minesan OTOKO-Set-GUSHI
Boxwood // Hosoaiba

Kiso-mura Kyoudokan Collection

OTOKO-GUSHI is a comb made for one's hair in western-style along with the change of man's hairstyle at the Meiji era into "Zangiri [a cropped head]".
"Otoko-gushi" means a men's comb though the name of the shape of this comb is various in the provinces.
In general, it is after World War II to have come to be called Otoko-gushi in Yabuhara.
Kiso no orokugushi ; The comb in japan.