Tail Combs
#1691  Minesan SET-GUSHI
Boxwood / 28.2cm

#3024  Minekan Sitan SET-GUSHI
Boxwood, Insertion:Rosewood / 22.3cm

#1693  Minesan Isu SET-GUSHI
Boxwood, flame:Isu / 15.3cm

#3115  Byouuchi Otoko SET-GUSHI
Boxwood / 14.2cm

Kiso-mura Kyoudokan Collection

SET-GUSHI is a comb that came to be made because woman's permanent wave hair became popular after World War II.
The comb is called tail comb, the handle is used to divide the hair, to roll it in the lot and paper.
Because "Person's hair is permed" had been expressed "The hair is SET", the meaning "Comb for SET" was used for this name.
Kiso no orokugushi ; The comb in japan.