Binkaki Type Combs
#1650  Aiba Binkaki-Gushi
Boxwood / 12.4cm

#3078  Aiba Binkaki-Gushi
Pearwood / 10.9cm

#1649  Aiboso Binkaki-Gushi: Sasabin type
Boxwood / 18.2

Kiso-mura Kyoudokan Collection

BINKAKI is an asymmetric comb. One side is a little wide, and the other side is narrow,thinly.
It uses it to put up the hair to the side of the head after the hair is combed.
The purpose of thin one side is not to touch the topknot of back of the head.

The shape of this comb is assumed to transmit from the Edo region, and not to have existed in the Keihan region. Therefore, it is called "Shinbashi type".
Kiso no orokugushi ; The comb in japan.