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  Japanese Traditional Combs;Tool of Comb making

  Peculiar tool designed to produce comb

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The Oroku Comb making is delicate hand work. A good tool is necessary to make the comb by which you may demonstrate craftsman's skill enough. There are a lot of small tools of the tool of the comb making, and the number exceeds about 80 kinds including the tool that makes the tool of the comb making.
These for the comb craftsman to produce originally besides the marketed commodity and ready-made goods, and are doing of originality and the device repeatedly.

It is designed in these tools in Edo period, and the tool that can be called the product of wisdom of the ancestor transmission is abundant.

Hereafter, it introduced the main one according to The traditional technique of the Oroku Comb making.
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comb Tool that becomes assumption of work

Work atelier Comb craftsman's atelier Board of comb Material of comb Worktable Work table for comb Rug Cloth for rug

Molding of combTool to cut down board of comb

ARASHIKO Rough Slicer JYOSHIKO Detail Slicer HIKIMAWASHI Molding saw SUNPOH Measuring tool

Teeth of a combTool to make teeth of a comb

HAGATA Patterner SUJITSUKE Liner HABIKINOKO Teeth sow AKEGAI Attachment Saw
HADOUSHI Grinder between teeth YAMANUKI Saw for between teeth MIMITSUKI Corner Slicer MIMIMARUME Corner Rounder

Polish of combTool to polish comb

MIGAKIDAI Polish stand TOKUSANOKI Sander for finish SHURO Scourer of hemp palm BOUZUGAI Shell to polish

Traditional technique of comb production Traditional technique
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