The Invitation To Japanese Traditional Comb  Ver.2.09
  Japanese Traditional Comb;Traditional technique

  Traditional technique of Oroku Comb: ABURAHIKI/SAYASASHI

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7.Oiling and finishing
oiled A small amount of camellia oil is rubbed and applied to the whole of the comb. Oil is soaked into the comb spending time.

As a result, the surface color and the grain of the comb become clear. It improves further smoothing when combing it.

8.Covering of teeth. Wrapping
Combs of both teeth fix the sheath into teeth in one side. The completed comb is commercialized by wrapping it as one "OROKU-GUSHI".

In wrapping, there is wrapping paper that prints various designs and verbal notes. Besides this, the cover made of the cloth and the paper box, etc. are used now.


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