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Yoshitatsu Aoyagi :[Zensaku Aoyagi]

AOYAGI ZENSAKU He was born in 1930. He establishes the "AOYAGI ZENSAKU KOUBOU" comb atelier in 1999. He was recognized to Nagano Prefecture excellence skilled person governor commendation "Skillful craftsman in Shinshu" in 2001.
  662-4 Yabuhara,Kiso-mura,Nagano 399-6201,JAPAN

He was born in a family of comb craftsmen IV, grow up with "Oroku comb". He has learned the technology of Oroku comb from his childhood. Currently, he dedicated to the manufacture and sale of Oroku Comb.

He is in the basic position "I make combs standing on the side of those who use" and has established a unique method of manufacturing while utilizing traditional techniques.

He enhanced the "smoke drying" technique for get the full nature from the comb material "MINABARI", and endeavor to strengthen and improve the quality of materials.

Also, his style of making is to faithfully convey the shape of traditional Japanese wooden comb.

Amulet combs
TOKASHI GUSHI    Amulet combs
Miniature combs of boxwood
Miniature combs of boxwood
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