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Takeshi Shinohara

Takeshi Shinohara He was born in 1943. He succeeded the "Shinohara woodwork place" of the family business in 1971. He changed the name of "Shinohara woodwork place" into "OROKUGUSHI KOUBOU Shinohara" in 1993. He was recognized to Nagano Prefecture excellence skilled person governor commendation "Skillful craftsman in Shinshu" in 2000.
  1260-1 Yabuhara,Kiso-mura,Nagano 399-6201,JAPAN

He used information and the experience of obtaining it in a domestic and foreign temporary branch shop, and developed a lot of improved combs and new products. There are "Wooden healthy brush" that corresponds to the present age idea and "Comb for the permanent wave hair", etc.

He positively participates in the craft exhibition of the whole country in 1980, and has gone in the demonstration sale lasting for year about the 130days by 20 places of the country.
He participates in a Japan-U.S. cultural exchange "Japan festival" held in the United States, and has been trying for the comb to advertise and to spread outside the country since 1989.

Wooden healthy brush
Wooden healthy brush

Comb for the permanent wave hair
Comb for the permanent wave hair
SUKI-GUSH OOFUKA type Minebari
Both side SUKI-GUSHI Boxwood
Tokashi-combs & Ornamental comb
Tokashi-gushi Isunoki
  Kazari-gushi Boxwood
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